Back to the Future

I’m gaining a growing respect for popular music of the late 19th century, there be nothing like keeping your finger on the pulse 😉 Two songs in particular one from old, one from new world. From Naples, Italy came ‘O Sole Mio’ repopularised by Elvis as ‘It’s Now or Never’ – everyone seems to love that, it crosses generations really well. I’m hoping the same for this one which I’m learning in the original Spanish, from Mexico, 1881, here sung by the great Pedro Infante who crystallized his image at his height by sadly crashing his plane in 1957. Cielito Lindo – here the subject of some big-hat rivalry, the song just about surviving 🙂

I played at City of Hope, Duarte, California last week and a guy there, about 18 years old with a kind of ‘latino gamer’ look, amazed me by being all over Pedro Infante, quoting me how many films he’d been in etc. Una sorpresa muy agradable!

UPDATE AUG 2017 – the YouTube mentioned above has been deleted so I’ve replaced it with me doing one in Spanish at a recent show Alvaro Carrillo’s ‘Sabor a Mi’